For hikers, yoga enthusiasts and serious athletes. For young and old alike. For everyone who wants to do more than just lie around all day in a hammock. Our recreation program lets you design your holiday just the way you want it: active recreational activities at Wirthshof.


For us at Wirthshof, movement involves more than just sports. Our skilled trainers allow you to enjoy wide-ranging, carefully selected recreational activities at any time of the year. Activities vary based on the season and time of year. We offer weekly training courses, special courses, informative presentations, in-depth workshops and exciting active weeks that focus on various movement patterns.


Leisure Program

We understand holidays as freedom and nature, enjoyment and joy. Club-animation is not what we are looking for. Children can unfold in the free play in the area. Our leisure program offers additional incentives with tractor trips, picture book cinema and movement games - depending on the season with different focuses, each week newly arranged. There is also something for adults every week.



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